About Us

Chocolate Software is a family owned software consultancy based in Denver Colorado & Jackson California. We build robust and affordable software for the agencies and service providers that help the seniors of our communities live independently in their own homes.

Our Story

For over a decade, we have partnered with Area Agencies of Aging and the Colorado State Unit on Aging to develop a comprehensive suite of software to automate and streamline the tasks associated with identifying, contracting, monitoring and reimbursing the service providers that operate under the Old Americans Act and state funded programs for seniors.

Founder DeVon Farago started Chocolate Software in 2008 by partnering with the Area Agency on Aging housed within the Denver Regional Council of Governments. The original OAA-SYS system was custom built exactly to the AAA’s specifications. The software soon gained popularity across other AAAs in the state of Colorado.

In 2011, DeVon convinced husband Simon Montagu to lend a hand with her growing business. Simon brought not only planning experience but also additional software and database design and implementation skills, which propelled Chocolate Software to a new level.

Today Chocolate Software has grown its team but remains family-run and customer focused. The company has grown to add data analytics and predictive modeling to its product and service offerings, as well as program management, budget consulting and business process consulting. The individual knowledge, expertise and interests of the team members complement each other in surprising and valuable ways.

Our Philosophy

Unlike most software vendors, we believe that software should augment the way YOU work rather than get in the way – “Business drives software, not the other way around” as we like to say.

Our development process relies on us getting to know our clients, their business and their needs for process improvement via software. We then craft comprehensive software solutions that are flexible, robust and help our clients run their operations better.

Team Chocolate

DeVon Farago CEO

DeVon Farago

CEO & Original Chocolatier

DeVon opened her own software business in 2008 and hasn’t stopped running since!

Her business began as a custom development shop for all business types. It now focuses on software to support the Older Americans Act funding and business processes.

DeVon has spent the last several years training and practicing in the area of Data Science and is now in the process of bringing these new tools and capabilities to the Chocolate Software business products and services.

Boston University
MS – Business Intelligence & Analytics
University of Colorado Denver
MBA – Information Technology
University of Colorado Boulder
MS – Telecommunications
University of Colorado Boulder
BS – Business Administration & Information Systems

Simon Montagu

Simon Montagu

COO & General Dogs Body

Simon rates his greatest achievement as taking DeVon’s hand in marriage!

He joined Chocolate Software full time in 2011 after a successful career in the public sector. He is passionate about creating software that does what it is told.

Business person first, software geek second, Simon works with clients to understand the nuances of their business processes and then helps translate this knowledge into a robust and cost-effective solution.
Griffith University (QLD Australia)
B.Sc. (Hons) – Environmental Science
University of Colorado Denver
MBA – Entrepreneurship
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Ph.D. – Regional Planning